Friday, July 2, 2010

Music festivals galore

So today kicks off Leuven's weekly music festival. Every Friday there's a music theme and there are 5 or 6 stages dispersed throughout the city. These are free concerts for anyone who wants to come and there's an eclectic mix of music. For example, today's theme was jazz. I ended up visiting 3 different stages throughout the city and each had their own little genre of music going on. I got a little bit of jazz, some cuban/salsa music, and indie rock. I really enjoyed the indie rock band. They called themselves Bad Cirkuz and claim to be a blues/jazz band, however there's not a single brass or horned instrument among them. They reminded me of paramore and flyleaf, although they weren't as hardcore.

Their set was probably a little bit more than half an hour. I really enjoyed their music, enough so that I think I'll try to find their cd.

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